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Social Enterprise Action Plan 2021-2024

Whilst COVID-19 has been traumatic and touched the lives of everyone it has also shone a spotlight on the persistent inequality that still exists across our society. As we move forward we need to ensure that recovering from the pandemic is about much more than just reverting back to the way things were - instead, we need to reform what we do and reimage what we want to be. Scotland's renewal must be rooted in fairness and equality. Social enterprises will be central to this work, because they point to an approach that helps us rebalance our economy and enables us to translate our aspirations around creating a wellbeing economy into a reality.

( Enterprise Action Plan

Coming Together in a Crisis

Supporting the DSEN network during the Coronavirus Crisis.

In mid-March the global Covid pandemic really began to have an impact in the UK and the Government imposed strict lockdown measures. This impacted almost all areas of life and greatly restricted the way that most organisations, including our Members, were allowed to operate. Our Members were suddenly unable to carry on their income generating activities such as trading and more traditional fundraising. Most organisations have limited reserves, so faced real and immediate financial difficulties. Organisations were also not allowed to support the people they work with in ‘normal’ face to face ways. Some hoped to pivot and respond to the most urgent needs by changing what they do. For instance, delivering emergency food parcels, but would not have the resources to set up or run in this way. 

Coming Together in a Crisis

Dundee Social Enterprise Strategy 2019 = 2024

Dundee social entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do as well as the differences
that they make within their communities. Whether that is through creating employment
opportunities for people, providing a place to belong, assisting people out of poverty or
finding a new home for unwanted items together the social enterprises of Dundee make a
significant economic, social and environmental impact.
Social Enterprise is now a well-established business model in the City with Dundee Social
Enterprise Network having surpassed its ten year anniversary. Despite this, we strive for the
model to be better known and for it to be a favoured way of doing business where social as
well as economic benefits are reaped.
This Strategy has been created through true partnership working. The priorities within the
action plan were developed through consultation with social entrepreneurs and partners
across the City and beyond. I am grateful to all those who have been involved in creating
this significant publication. 
Derek Marshall
Dundee Social Enterprise Network

Dundee Social Enterprise Strategy